Do’s And Don’ts Of Residential Exhaust Hood Cleaning

If you recently purchased a home with an older exhaust hood that has seen better days, then you will be pleased to know that you can easily clean it yourself and have it looking just like the day that it was originally installed. Cleaning the exhaust hood is important so that your kitchen will have proper ventilation and it is also a safety issue because built up grease and grime can cause a house fire. Read More 

Tips For Cleaning A Disgusting Toilet

If you just bought a house with a completely disgusting toilet, then there are many things that you can do to remove the stubborn stains and make the toilet's porcelain sparkle like new. Even the grossest of toilets can be cleaned because porcelain is not a porous surface, so all of the stains in their bowls are from substances adhered to the surface. Follow these tips for cleaning your new home's toilet like a cleaning professional or maid: Read More 

Three Carpet Maintenance Tips For A Healthier Home

If you're concerned about your family's health, you probably spend plenty of time preparing healthy meals and getting your exercise. But, staying healthy is not just about food and activity. It's also important to spend time in a healthy environment. A carpet that is not maintained properly can harbor infectious bacteria and irritating allergens, which are certainly not good for your health. Follow these carpet maintenance tips for a healthier home – and a healthier family! Read More 

Tips That Will Help Keep Your Office Clean On A Rainy Day

If your small company's office was recently cleaned by a professional company, keep flooring, furniture, and equipment maintained and damage-free on rainy days by using the following tips. As a result, you will be able to remain productive without worrying about messes interrupting your workflow. Shoe Brushes And Rubber Floor Mats Place a couple soft-bristled brushes in a bucket near your office's entryway to use to remove mud and dirt from the soles of your shoes or clients' shoes before entering your business when it is raining. Read More 

Sneezing In The Office? Here Are Some Sneaky Places Where The Dust Might Be Hiding

Have you and your employees been sneezing a lot at work lately? Chances are, there's some sneaky dust hiding out somewhere in the office, and once you find it and clean it up, your symptoms will clear. Here's a look at five sneaky places the dust and mold spores love to hide. Above the hung ceiling. When was the last time anyone cleaned above the hung ceiling? Probably never! Once dust builds to a certain degree above the ceiling, all it takes is some vibrations in the building, like from thunder rolling or a truck driving by, to cause some of it to come raining down. Read More