Sneezing In The Office? Here Are Some Sneaky Places Where The Dust Might Be Hiding

Have you and your employees been sneezing a lot at work lately? Chances are, there's some sneaky dust hiding out somewhere in the office, and once you find it and clean it up, your symptoms will clear. Here's a look at five sneaky places the dust and mold spores love to hide. Above the hung ceiling. When was the last time anyone cleaned above the hung ceiling? Probably never! Once dust builds to a certain degree above the ceiling, all it takes is some vibrations in the building, like from thunder rolling or a truck driving by, to cause some of it to come raining down. Read More 

Answering Two Questions About Move Out Cleaning Services

Being a landlord can provide you with an excellent source of income, but it is an unfortunate fact that this can be a very labor-intensive occupation. Often, tenants will leave units in terrible condition when they move out, and it will be up to the landlord to restore it before renting it out again. Not surprisingly, there are many people that may want to avoid having to do this work for themselves, and these individuals can opt to use professional move-out services to ensure that the units are cleaned as soon as possible so that you can move new tenants into them. Read More 

Keeping Your Restaurant’s Oven Hood Clean

Busy restaurants require heavy-duty, large industrial cooking equipment. When it comes to the oven, a ventilation and exhaust fan called the oven hood should be used to help keep smoke and other smells that are a result of intense cooking at bay. If the oven hood is not cleaned on a regular basis it can become clogged and serious problems like fire or the production of noxious fumes can be produced. Read More 

Four Ways To Extend The Lifetime Of A Rug In A High-Traffic Area

Area rugs can be a great addition to practically any room, since they can help anchor the space and give an extra visual detail to a room due to the variety in colors and patterns. If you are intending on placing the rug in a high-traffic area, however, it is important to note how quickly it can become worn down over the years. In order to keep the rug in better shape as the months and years pass by, it is a good idea to look into the following tips for extending its lifetime. Read More 

Tips That Will Make Cleaning Your Bathroom A Breeze

Cleaning your bathroom might be one of the tasks that you dread most, but if you follow some tips you may find that the length of time that it takes you to complete this project is shortened and not quite as daunting as it used to be.  Use A Bin To Transport Items Personal items can regularly be misplaced around your home and the bathroom is no exception. As you are tidying up, place items that belong in other parts of the house inside of a small bin that has a handle. Read More