Typical Reasons A Vintage Chimney Must Be Repaired Before Use

Chimneys undeniably add an extra layer of vintage charm to an antiquated home. However, if you recently inherited an old chimney when you purchased an old house, some work is bound to be in order. Older chimneys can pose a fire risk if they are not thoroughly cleaned and repaired before use. While these structures may have once functioned fine, the passage of time and changes in modern building practices can make an old chimney unsafe. Take a look at a few reasons you may have to work with a chimney repair service before using a vintage chimney. 

Blockages in the Chimney's Flue 

The chimney flue is responsible for funneling smoke and soot out and through the roof when there is a fire in the fireplace. Therefore, this important element of any fireplace needs to be in flawless working order. Unfortunately, old chimney flues are notorious for getting clogged with dirt and debris to the point that they become non-functional. Animals often even build nests inside the flue. In some cases, you can simply work with a chimney cleaning service to get the flue adequately cleaned if there are no signs of other issues. However, in any case, the flue will likely need to be cleaned. 

Damage to the Outdated Stone Masonry 

The structure of the chimney is made with some type of masonry stone or brick. While these can be some of the most resilient materials, they can and do deteriorate with time. Therefore, it is extremely common for outdated chimneys to have masonry damage that needs to be addressed before the unit is used. Problems with the masonry could be any list of problems, such as: 

  • Missing bricks or stones 
  • Loose, cracked, or missing mortar due to deterioration
  • Cracked or otherwise damaged bricks or stones 

Damaged or Missing Liner 

Today, modern chimneys are erected with up-to-code protective liners that prevent the deterioration of internal stones or bricks. However, this practice was not always done when chimneys were built many years ago. If your chimney does not have an implemented liner made of metal, mortar compounds, or clay tiles, the chimney repairing service will have to install a new liner. While installing a liner can be an extensive process, the project is important to protect the primary structure of the unit. Without a liner, the heat and smoke can start to leach through the stones and cause damage or even a fire risk in other parts of the house. 

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