Things A College Dorm Cleaning Company Does During Scheduled Appointments

If you run a private college, maintaining a clean environment is perhaps one of your top priorities. Some might rely on subordinate staff to keep things neat and tidy, while others might prefer to hire a professional college dorm cleaning company.

If you choose to go the professional way, here are the five things a college dorm cleaning company will typically do during their scheduled appointments.

Trash Removal

College dormitories are often a hub of activity, so it shouldn't be a surprise that lots of waste accumulates in these areas. Some students often leave their trash behind, especially after a sports weekend or party.

Before the company cleaners can begin their work, they will first remove all the trash from the dormitory. This includes all the waste bins, paper cups, bottles, and other items that have been left behind. These items include not just any visible trash around the premises but also the items tucked away in corners, under beds, and behind cabinets.

The cleaners will likely have pre-made trash bags that they'll use to collect all of the debris and ensure they dispose of it correctly.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Carpeted areas are usually the main source of dirt accumulation in college dorms. These areas may be entryways, corridors, and even student bedrooms.

The cleaning company will usually carry professional vacuums that can effectively suck out all the dirt from these areas, leaving behind a clean and refreshed floor. They will even make sure to vacuum each room several times during their visit if that is what the dormitory needs.

After vacuuming, they will also mop the floors with treated cleaning solutions that are designed to disinfect the area. This will ensure that no germs or bacteria are left behind, and the dormitory remains clean and healthy for all its occupants.

Specialized vacuums may be used to clean hard-to-reach places, such as vents and corners of the room. The vacuums have special attachments with angled extensions to reach even the most difficult spots.


Disinfection is an important step in the cleaning process, as it eliminates germs and bacteria from surfaces. And because of the large number of people in a college dormitory, this becomes an all the more important task for the cleaners.

The company cleaners will use hospital-grade disinfectants to clean surfaces, such as doorknobs, desks, chairs, and common areas. The bathrooms, in particular, will receive extra attention since this is a major breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The disinfection will also help eliminate any foul odors that might be present.

 The cleaners may also use specialized equipment, such as electrostatic sprayers and foggers, to ensure that the entire dormitory is completely disinfected. The special equipment works quickly and efficiently, leaving no corner untouched.