The Various Methods Used To Professionally Clean A Rug

Do you have a rug in your home that you love, but it looks quite dirty and you do not know how to properly clean it? If so, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to handle it for you. Here are some of the methods that will be used to get your rug looking brand new again.


The process starts by simply vacuuming the rug. The goal of vacuuming is to get rid of any debris and dirt on the surface of the rug that can easily be removed from the surface. If you do not vacuum the rug, then it will only make cleaning the carpet harder as other techniques are used to get rid of stains.

Dry Cleaning 

If you have a rug that is not going to handle water that well, then a dry cleaning method is going to be best. It works by applying a special cleaning solution to the rug that is going to work its way into the carpet fibers. A special dry cleaning machine is then used to agitate all of the fibers in the rug so that the dirt becomes loose. The dirt is then sucked out of the carpet and makes the surface look clean. 

Hot Water Extraction

The steam cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning, and it uses a cleaning solution with hot water to give the rug a very deep clean. Special equipment is used to inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet, which is then immediately sucked out of the carpet fibers with a powerful vacuum. It can provide the rub with a very thorough cleaning, but not leave the surface wet for very long because the water doesn't soak into the carpet fibers.


Shampooing a rug will involve using a scrubbing machine and a shampoo solution designed for rugs. The machine agitates the fibers to work the shampoo into them and then sucks out the shampoo solution from the carpet. It can work great when you have tough stains and the carpet is safe to use with shampoo.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is best for a rug that is really stained, though the process is very labor intensive. It involves scrubbing the surface of the rug by hand to ensure that the dirt is out of the carpet fibers. It's also a method that works best for delicate rugs since you can control how hard you scrub and prevent accidental damage. 

For more information on rug cleaning, contact a professional near you.