Softwash Roof Cleaning Gets Rid Of Embarrassing Black Stains On Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

If your asphalt shingle roof is in good condition but it is covered in black streaks and looks like it's in bad shape, consider having your roof washed. Softwash roof cleaning is safe for asphalt shingles and it can get rid of discoloration so your shingles look nearly new again. Here's how it works.

Softwashing Utilizes Cleaning Solutions

Softwash roof cleaning can be done with a pressure washer on the lowest setting or softwashing equipment. Unlike a pressure washer that relies on a powerful jet of water to knock off stains, softwashing uses a gentle stream of water and relies on cleaning chemicals. That makes this type of roof cleaning safe for all types of roofs.

Care Is Taken To Protect Your Property

The softwashing service includes protecting your property from runoff. They may wrap security cameras and other things on the side of your house to keep them from getting wet. They'll also work to protect the plants around your home by watering them and keeping them covered so they don't absorb the cleaning products.

The Cleaners Remove A Number Of Stains

The softwash company chooses the best cleaner or combination of cleaners to deal with the stains on your roof. They might use a mild bleach solution to remove some stains and a biocide to remove moss or algae.

They can also use a soap solution to clean the surface of your roof. The products are allowed to sit on the roof so they can work as long as possible. The cleaning crew may not even rinse the roof so the products work until rain gradually washes the cleaners away.

Softwashing removes bird droppings, pollution, dirt, dust, algae, bacteria, and moss. You should notice an immediate improvement in your roof, but in the case of moss and algae, it might take a while for the growths to be killed so they fall off when it rains.

You May Want To Repeat The Process Occasionally

You'll probably be surprised at how bright and clean your roof looks once all the stains are gone. However, since your roof is exposed to the outdoors, stains will gradually come back due to exposure to tree pollen, dust, and pollution. You can repeat softwash roof cleaning periodically whenever you need it since it's gentle on your roof.

Good times to have your roof washed are when you put your home up for sale, before or after you have roof repairs done, and when algae and moss start making ugly stains again.