Janitorial Services: High Traffic Areas Your Janitorial Service Will Disinfect

The COVID-19 global pandemic was an eye-opener for business owners because they realized how fast a virus could spread at their establishment. It takes just one sick person and unsanitized high traffic areas to get an entire office infected. That's why, moving forward, companies are taking office sanitation seriously and outsourcing the services required to ensure their high hygiene standards are sustainable. You, too, should outsource office cleaning services to ensure you never have to worry about employees' and customers' health. Keep reading to find out the high traffic areas your janitorial services will disinfect.

Waiting Bay

The most obvious high traffic area at your place of business is the waiting bay because most of your clients sit here until they can be attended to. To protect your guests from bacteria and other disease-causing organisms that cause contagious infections, you should keep the waiting bay clean and sanitary.

And since your employees' hands are already full with service delivery and overseeing business operations, the surefire way to achieve this goal is to partner with a janitorial service. Your office cleaning team will implement a simple yet thorough cleaning routine that ensures guests never sit on dust chairs.

What's more, they'll use FDA-approved surface sanitizers to kill any germs and viruses that might be lurking in this section of your establishment. This way, no client of yours ever walks out of your place of business with a festering infection.


Another high-traffic area in your commercial establishment is your reception. In fact, it's the first place all business visitors stop before they can access your office spaces. And as you know, it's human nature to want to rest one's hands on the surface that's right in front of them. This makes the desks at your reception high-contact surfaces that can easily propagate the spread of a virus.

Since your receptionists will be too busy attending to customers to keep the area and all the surfaces sanitized, you should hand over reception disinfection to your janitorial service. The professional cleaners will routinely wipe down the surfaces and sanitize the floors throughout the day to ensure even your employees aren't exposed to incoming viruses and bacteria.


Since everyone has to respond to the call of nature or take a bathroom break to refresh themselves, your commercial washrooms are one of the most used spaces in your establishments. Both employees and customers are bound to go to the bathroom throughout the day, so it's only prudent to have them professionally sanitized. Partnering with a janitorial service reassures your employees and guests that they won't walk out of the bathroom with an infection.

If you're struggling with sanitizing office spaces, this is your cue to partner with a janitorial service.