Carpet Cleaning Facts You Should Know

A clean carpet can boost your home's look. Washing your carpet also can help to eliminate dust particles and pet dander that can trigger allergies. Therefore, consider hiring a carpet cleaning service—such as Mercy Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, LLC—to clean your carpet regularly. Additionally, if you want to perform DIY carpet cleaning, you will want to know the crucial aspects of the cleaning process. Here are some carpet washing facts you want to know.

Use Steam Cleaning

Cleaning your rug with soap and water can eliminate dirt, but you may not achieve a deep clean. You may also scrub your carpet with abrasive products to eliminate stains, damaging the fibers. Consider advanced carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning that efficiently removes dirt while protecting your carpet against damage. 

A steam cleaner heats water above the boiling point producing steam. The equipment contains nozzles through which the steam comes out. The vapor penetrates your carpet fibers deeply and eliminates dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Also, your rug dries quickly, and you can use it after a short time. Besides, your carpet can stay for long without subsequent cleaning.

Select Natural Cleaning Products

The market contains numerous carpet cleaning products, some natural and others containing harsh chemicals. Ideally, chemicals like bleach can eliminate stains fast, and you may use these. Nevertheless, the chemicals may cause environmental degradation, or their residues may trigger allergies. 

In this regard, consider natural cleaning agents as they're safe for the environment and your health. Besides, natural cleaning agents also contain carpet stain elimination properties and give good results.

Rinse Your Carpet With Acid Conditioning

Generally, most carpet cleaning products have a high pH or are highly alkaline. The more alkaline your cleaning agent is, the more it removes dirt effectively. Nonetheless, alkaline cleaners can damage pH-sensitive fibers such as wool. 

Also, the corrosive nature of high pH detergent may interfere with your carpet's dye appearance. Hence, rinsing your carpet with acid conditioning is vital to neutralize the alkaline effects on your carpet. This softens and protects your carpet fibers and dyes.

Vacuum Your Rug Before Washing

Vacuum your rug before cleaning eliminates loosely attached dirt and dust particles. The particles could form mud when you pour water on your carpet without eliminating them first. Removing mud from your rug is more time-consuming and requires more effort. Thus, vacuuming your carpet before washing makes the cleaning process more manageable.

The common carpet cleaning facts include vacuuming before washing your carpet and using advanced cleaning methods like steaming. You should also rinse your carpet with acid conditioning and choose natural instead of chemical-filled cleaning products. Understand these facts to ensure proper cleaning of your rug.