Crime Scene Cleaning and Your Victimized Property: What to Expect

When a crime happens on your property, be it your home or business, you have the cleanup to deal with in the aftermath of the horrible event. A professional crime scene cleaning specialist can be dispatched to the scene to remove the fluids and other debris left behind so you can feel comfortable going back to your property again.

Crime scene cleanup can be arranged by a social worker assigned to your case in the event of a domestic situation, or can be inquired about via using the police station authorities. Your homeowners or business insurance can also have a recommendation for a crime scene cleaning company. Since this is not a situation you're likely to have encountered before and hopefully not again, knowing what to expect with this situation is key. Here are things to expect with your crime scene cleaning.

To not be allowed in your property until cleanup is complete

A crime scene that involves bodily fluids, illegal drugs, substances, etc. is likely going to be sealed off until entirely cleaned out. Even if the police investigation is done on your property, expect to be denied entry to your property until it has been fully cleaned by a crime scene cleaning crew.

To have the property look the same as it did before the crime occurred

Sometimes, having the crime scene cleanup crew take care of the property is enough to help the victim of a crime get over the trauma that happened, but know this: the property will look the same as it did prior to the crime and this can be daunting, especially if someone was harmed or killed in your property. Be prepared to have your property look as if nothing had ever happened and all stains and remnants of the crime are removed.

If going back to your property following a crime is sensitive to you, have someone with you when you go back for the first time. This can help you distinguish your property today from how it looked just before the crime occurred. A social worker, therapist, trusted friend or family member, or even a police officer can escort you back to your property for the first time to help you cope with the familiar yet new surroundings.

A crime scene cleaning company will discreetly and professionally care for your property and make things right. A crime scene is a sensitive and scary situation, and crime scene cleanup will help make the property safe and useful again.

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