Hire A Cleaning Service To Treat Textured Tiles And Grout

Textured tiles and grout materials are porous and will trap dry and wet substances that come into contact with them. A commercial tile cleaning service will restore the appearance of tiled surfaces and make your home or office's environment more sanitary.

Textured Tiles And Grout

Textured tiles possess the same color and style range as smooth tiles. Textured tiles contain linear or angled grooves that provide slip resistance. Some textured tile varieties are designed to resemble another material, such as wood. The grooves that are within a tile's surface are narrow in depth.

Light foot traffic or occasional staining may only require the use of a sponge mop or scrubber. Because large amounts of mud or spilled liquids may not only settle in the grooves that comprise a tile's surface, but also in the grout that surrounds them, standard cleaning tools and procedures may not sufficiently remove discolorations from textured tiles and grout.

The Commercial Cleaning Steps

A commercial cleaning service can be hired to clean tile flooring, countertops, walls, and backsplashes. Smooth and textured tiles that are constructed of wood, porcelain, clay, stone, or quartz will benefit from a professional cleaning session. Sweeping and wiping down surfaces are performed prior to steam cleaning tiles.

During the steam cleaning process, a steam machine that contains a canister is used. This type of machine contains a grout brush attachment. After water is added to a steam cleaner, it is heated up. The temperature of the water will aid with stain removal, without damaging flooring or grout materials. A handheld steam unit that contains smaller attachments may be utilized for walls, backsplashes, and other tiled surfaces that are not on the floor.

If allergens, mold, or mildew are present on tiled surfaces, prior to cleaning steps being performed, the air quality within your home or business could be compromised. After a professional cleaning session is complete, the quality of the air will be better and the tiled surfaces will look newer.

Spot Cleaning

There are some basic ways to maintain the appearance of tiled flooring without performing a lot of cleaning steps. If the tiled surfaces are in your home, remove your shoes upon entry to your residence and request that anyone else who enters your home does the same. Sweep tiled floors daily and wipe down tiled countertops, walls, or backsplashes. Spray a tile cleaner across tiled surfaces. Use a sponge or scrubber that contains a coarse-grained surface. 

To learn more, contact a tile cleaning service.