Floor Cleaning Services: Achieve A Sparkling Clean Floor

Floors are a reflection of the care and tidiness of inhabitants in any premises. Therefore, a clean and well-kept office or home floor enhances its aesthetic value. In addition, a clean floor prevents accidents like slips. As such, be it tiles, ceramic, terrazzo, vinyl, or wood floor, you must take adequate care of the flooring material to preserve their appearance and lifespan.

Floor Cleaning best Practices

The frequency of washing floors largely depends on the foot traffic as well as the frequency and nature of the spills. For example, high-foot traffic may require frequent washing. Oil- or water-based spills also determine the nature of the cleaning process. 

Therefore, choosing the right formula, frequency, equipment, and process for your floor cleaning needs expert floor cleaning services. This means you should utilize floor cleaning services to achieve exemplary results.

As there are varied floor surface designs and materials, so are different methods of dealing with each.

Floor cleaning methods


This is a frequent maintenance process. Cleaning services professionals use high or ultra-high-speed cleaning machines attached with natural hair or nylon pads. This improves the surface's texture and increases the light reflecting qualities, giving the floor a shine and a consistent luster.

Buffing and polishing

This systematic process restores the floor's luster by removing light dust and minor scuffs from the surface. When buffing, a loose abrasive pad attached to a high-speed machine removes superficial material from the surface. 

Polishing is more abrasive than buffing. As such, it removes more superficial substances from the surface, achieving a brighter sparkle.


This is a systematic process that removes mild wear and heavy scuff marks from the floor surface. The process extends the floor lifespan by preventing it from stripping. Cleaning professionals use low-speed mode with a slightly aggressive pad to scrub off the dirt.


This is a restoration process applied when the finish on parts of the floor is worn out through chipping or flaking, has embedded dirt, or is permanently stained and irremovable by regular cleaning. With this, the floor cleaning service personnel use a low-speed revolving floor stripping machine equipped with an aggressive stripping pad to remove the damaged surface finish in preparation for repair.


It is advisable to delegate floor cleaning to a professional floor cleaning service provider. They are conversant with the various cleaning methods for different floors, the detergents to be used, the necessary equipment needed, and have enough personnel to complete the work swiftly.

Floor cleaning should be done regularly to preserve the floor's finish and guarantee its durability. For more information, contact a floor cleaning company.