3 Ways Carpet Cleaning Affects Your Health

You may think the main benefit of having professional carpet cleaning done is how the carpet looks and feels afterward. Having clean carpets is a nice thing, but there are other reasons related to the personal health of the people normally on those carpets to consider, too.     

Ease Up Allergies

Many people have some sort of allergy, and dust and dust mites can certainly trigger a reaction. Dust mites easily accumulate in most soft surfaces, including carpets and rugs. They settle deep into the carpet fibers and feed off of the dander of people and pets.

Vacuuming helps, but it cannot eliminate dust mites. As these insect-like pests multiply, people in the home or business may have more severe allergic reactions to their increasing presence.

Since these mites are microscopic in size, thousands can live in just a small square of carpet. A professional carpet cleaning can keep your dust mite population under control and help reduce the effect they have on people suffering from allergies.

Control and Prevent Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold

Bacteria, viruses, and mold can take a toll on your health, and they're not something you can just spot visually. Mold spores and other microbes can't be seen with the naked eye.

Even if your home or business doesn't have a dampness or sealing issue, you probably have moisture in your carpet from the outside and your air conditioning system. This can lead to mold, bacteria and other undesirables making themselves at home in your carpet over time.

The organic material and spills carpets take in just make this issue worse. A professional carpet cleaning service can safely clean and remove mold, bacteria, and viruses from your carpets with their specialized cleaning solutions and equipment. Commercial cleaning tools and solutions are designed to speed up carpet drying after cleaning to prevent this very problem.

Remove Indoor Pollutants

Pollutants are all around you. When you come in from outside, you bring them with you.

While vacuuming regularly can reduce the pollutants in your carpet, the dense, thick fibers do bury some deep down, where your vacuum can't reach. When people walk across the carpet, they can release those pollutants right into the air. Carpet cleaning will help stop this from happening.

When you think of your health, you probably don't consider the carpets you come into contact with. However, these floor coverings can have a negative impact on your health if not regularly and properly deep cleaned. Contact a carpet cleaning company to learn more.