Why And Where You Need Warehouse Facility Cleaning

A warehouse is often used just to house inventory and to keep machinery safe, but this doesn't mean the area doesn't have to be kept neat and clean. A warehouse should be as clean and pristine as any other area of your business, and certain parts of your warehouse require more regular cleaning than others. Learn why warehouse facility cleaning matters and what areas should be cleaned on the regular.

Your warehouse facility cleaning company will assist you in choosing the best schedule for cleaning, based on your budget and other factors.

The ceilings

The ceilings are often ignored when it comes to a deeper cleaning because the surfaces are almost literally out of sight, out of mind, as most people clean surfaces that are close to their height. However, the high ceilings in your warehouse are key areas where dust, grime, allergens, and filth otherwise gather, especially in exposed vents and rafters. If you have fans going for ventilation in your warehouse, the fan blades in the ceilings are likely caked with debris, and if not, they are likely to be spreading around the dust your ceilings have.

The walls

If you stack inventory along walls, then you are sure to have debris from boxes and even shelving units on the walls over time. Walls that have caked-on debris begin to look dingy with time and can be difficult to clean with traditional cleaning supplies if they don't get a regular scrub down.

Cleaning the walls of your warehouse is particularly important if your warehouse houses lots of food items or other things that carry the risk of bacteria. Make sure you have the walls pressure-washed along with the ceilings when you have warehouse facility cleaning done on your facility.

Ideally, you should perform regular cleaning practices in your warehouse to keep the floors and shelving units swept and dusted regularly. Deeper cleaning should be done by a warehouse facility company that uses commercial vacuums and other tools to keep the walls, ceilings, floors, vents, and fans clean and sound. How frequently you should have these services done is dependent upon the size of your warehouse, what you store, how often you do your own cleaning, and your budget.

The average cost for warehouse facility cleaning varies. Your costs will depend upon the size of your warehouse and the work that needs to be done, along with the location of your warehouse.