Hacks For Deep Cleaning 2 Problematic Areas Of The House

Whether you are prepping for an event, to sell your home, or just want a cleaner space, help is available in the form of deep cleaning your house. Many people hire professionals to assist in either a periodic cleaning or a more involved deep cleaning, but you can also learn a few tricks and tips to ensure your house is as clean as possible. Here are a few deep cleaning hacks all homeowners should know.


When most people think of deep cleaning their home, they think of cleaning hardwoods, scrubbing tile, and removing stains in their toilet, but the baseboards should also be an area of focus. Cleaning this trim along the floor of your home can be time-consuming and back-aching, but again, help is available.

Invest in a mop stick with the option to use disposable cleaning wipes/dusting cloths. You CAN use the disposable cleaning cloths to run the mop along the baseboards in your house, but another tool can be even more efficient—dryer sheets.

Secure a few dryer sheets to the mop head instead of using the traditional cleaning/dusting cloths that were including in the floor-cleaning set. Then, use it to clean your baseboards. The long mop head will reduce any strain on your back and neck from bending down and the static electricity of the dryer sheets will quickly and effortlessly remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the baseboards.


The window treatments are another area of the home many people forget about when deep cleaning. However, curtains and blinds, for example, can be quite overwhelming to clean, so knowing a few tricks will be helpful.

If you have mini, faux wood, or real wood blinds, you may notice dust has been building up on the slats for some time. This dust will be even more noticeable if you have white or cream-colored blinds.

A simple sock can be one of the best ways to clean your blinds. To use, place your hand in the sock opening and stretch it over your fingers and hand. Then, use your sock-covered hand to wipe down each slat of your blinds. You will most likely need to use multiple socks throughout the process of cleaning all of your blinds, but the sock will easily pull off dirt, dust, and other debris without a great deal of stress.

Deep cleaning your home does not have to be a challenge. These simple tricks will help you focus on two of the most problematic areas. For more information, contact local deep cleaning services.