Get Routine Office Cleaning While Going Through An Office Remodel

While your office is on a normal work routine, you may not find it too difficult to keep the entire workspace clean because you do not have to worry about any unexpected events. Even if a new stain were to show up, all you would need to do is use cleaning products or request an office cleaning professional to spend an extra minute or two taking care of the stain during a visit.

If you are about to start an office remodel, you should expect things to get a bit hectic in the office, especially when you are determined to keep everyone working on the same schedule. This is when you will want to rely on office cleaning service to keep your office clean and functional.

Initial Cleaning

Although you may know that your office is going to get messy as soon as the remodeling starts, you should not hesitate to make the entire office look spotless beforehand. This will at least buy some time, because it will take a while for dirt and grime to build up from the remodeling.

If you plan things out with remodeling professionals, you may be able to get them to block off the remodeling area from the rest of the office to keep dirt and dust from escaping. This, combined with a thorough cleaning in the beginning, will help your employees work productively.

During Work

When you know that a remodel is going to take several weeks, you cannot afford to put an end to office cleaning during this time. This is when you will need to rely on office cleaners even more because your office will naturally get dirtier at a faster rate compared to your standard routine.

Since the remodeling professionals may disturb your employees to some extent, you should try to avoid a situation in which the office cleaners are also in your office while everyone is working. All you need to do is make sure all the scheduling takes place on the weekends or evenings.


Once the entire remodel is complete, you may expect remodeling professionals to do some cleanup around the areas that they have worked on. However, they will not be able to achieve the same level of cleanliness that you expect an office cleaning company to accomplish. This means that you should conclude the remodeling process with thorough cleaning by an office janitorial service.

Following these tips will help you maintain a clean office before, during, and after a remodel.