Office Sanitation Tips To Reduce The Spread Of The Flu

If you have your own business with an office, then you probably understand that individuals tend to get sick and transfer illness to one another during the flu season. And, this sort of thing can really cut into productivity. You can help to eliminate the sickness and to keep it from spreading wildly through your business by using sanitization techniques. Speak with your janitorial staff about these techniques during the flu season. 

Sanitizing Of Desks

Have you ever wondered where germs are most active in your office? The main culprits are usually keyboards and phones. Both of these items sit on the desk and are used frequently, so it is best to concentrate on the sanitization of desk spaces even if individuals are not feeling ill. While it probably does not need to be completed daily, a once or twice a week wipedown is wise.

Ask your janitorial staff to use disinfectant wipes like the type that Chlorox and Lysol sell. One wipe should be used to clean the keyboard and another for the phone. A quick wipedown of the desk is a good idea as well. 

If for some reason you do not like the smell of the wipes, then you ask your staff to sue the lavender or citric scented varieties. These are often more pleasant than the bleach smelling varieties. 

Also, make sure that you are offering the wipes to the office space for cleaning as well so employees can do their own cleaning when they know they are ill.

Filling Of Soap Dispensers

The cleaning of hands or the completion of hand hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that illnesses are not transferred from one person to another. However, if soap dispensers in your bathroom are typically empty, then this can be difficult. For this reason, you should ask your janitorial services staff to make sure that all dispensers are full whenever they are in the office space. Make sure that signs are placed over these dispensers as well to highlight the need for washing the hands for 15 to 30 seconds to remove debris and germs. In addition to the soap, make sure that paper towel dispensers are also filled regularly to dry the hands. Paper towels have been shown to reduce germs substantially over air dryers.

Placing hand sanitizers around the office can help to encourage sanitization as well. So, consider buying the automatic dispensers and asking janitorial staff to fill them weekly.