Why Waterproofing Is So Important For Stone Exteriors

If your home or business has a stone exterior and if you haven't had it waterproofed lately or ever, it's time to call a stone installation and repair company to come out and provide this service. Waterproofing just is not something that you're going to want to skip if you have a stone exterior. Here's why.

It Helps the Stone Last Longer

You may love the look of the stone that is used on the exterior of your home or commercial building. In addition to wanting to keep it looking nice for a long time, you might not want to have to spring for the cost of replacing it or having it repaired later on if this is something that you can avoid. Even though stone is a good exterior material that can last a long time, it can be damaged if it's exposed to the elements. The acid from rain, the salt that is used in the winter to help with dealing with ice and snow, and more can all cause the stone to break down. Having the stain waterproofed will help prevent environmental damage that could otherwise cut down on the lifespan of the stone.

It Makes Cleaning the Stone Easier

Cleaning off your stone is important if you want the outside of your home or building to look nice. If your stone is not waterproofed, then this can be a pretty big and time-consuming job, and you may have to use a brush to help scrub away dirt and other debris. If the stone is waterproofed, though, it should be a whole lot easier to clean the stone. Once you've had your stone exterior waterproofed, you should be able to use a water hose to clean it off. An even better idea is to use a pressure washer to get rid of debris on a waterproofed stone surface.

It Helps Protect Other Building Materials

It might seem as if waterproofing really only provides benefits for the stone itself. Even though the stone will definitely be protected by waterproofing, however, the stone is not the only thing that will be protected. Instead, waterproofing will help protect other building materials as well. If your stone isn't protected, leaks that could cause damage to the inside of your building can happen. If the stone is waterproofed, though, this helps protect the stone itself and any building materials that could be affected by leaks.

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