Vacation Rental Almost Ready To Rent? Get Window Cleaning As The Final Touch

Transforming a standard home into one that will become a vacation rental can be both exciting and stressful, but the reward at the end of the process is a property that will generate income for years.

The first few guests are the ones you really want to impress because they will serve as the initial reviews for the vacation rental. These reviews can give you a huge boost of business or set you back, as some people may not want to take chances on a poorly reviewed rental. Having the windows cleaned is a final touch you should have completed before the property is rental ready.

Clean Up Leftover Debris

After working so hard on a vacation rental, whether you did a lot of it yourself or hired a professional to do most of the work, you are likely to have dirty windows from dust and debris flying around. Not only are the window panes going to be dirty, but the screens, sills, and tracks will also need to be cleaned, which can add anywhere from 50 cents to $5 per window, on top of the $2 to $7 per window pane.

Take Great Photos

Once you have the windows and the rest of the house cleaned, you should be ready to take photographs. Crystal clear windows will help you take impressive photos from inside and outside. You can show off the view from the inside of the home, and the pictures will not look splotchy at all. If the windows have some fine details, you can even give potential guests a close-up to showcase unique features.

Impress Guests

When guests go on vacation or travel for business, they do not want to stay in a dirty place. Dusty windows with fingerprints on the glass is an easy way to make a poor impression from the very beginning. It is likely that the guests will want to open up the windows in the day for a nice breeze or to bring in some natural light, so you do not want to just hope that they will not look at the windows up close in an effort to save a bit of money. Positive reviews because of clean windows and other well-maintained aspects will have the greatest influence on how much money you are able to make with the vacation rental in the future.

After you finish working on your vacation rental, check out what options are available for window cleaning from a company like Walker's Carpet Care & Janitorial Services Inc.