Manage A Rental Home? Offer Carpet Cleaning To Your Long-Term Tenants

Being a landlord comes with a large number of responsibilities that often come at random times. For instance, the only time you need to market your rental is when a tenant moves out of the place. Not every tenant is going to stay for a long time, but It will provide you with unique opportunities when it happens. Cleaning the carpet is typically done after a tenant leaves, but this does not have to be the case. An excellent idea is to invest in professional carpet cleaning after every year they live in your rental.

Build and Maintain a Positive Relationship

Establishing a landlord-tenant relationship is an easy thing to begin, but it is tough to enjoy great success. It is crucial to show potential tenants right away that you are there to help them at any time, and the first thing to let them know is what they will get when they decide to stay long-term. Carpet cleaning is something your tenant may think that they are responsible for while living in the rental. But, you can tell them you will handle it upon lease renewal, which can help you build and maintain a relationship.

Keep the Carpet in Great Condition

An important detail not to underestimate is the fact that carpets should be cleaned around once a year. Accepting pets or renting to a tenant with children means that the carpet will need to be cleaned more frequently. These cleanings will keep the carpet from wearing down faster than it should. This can help extend the life of the carpeting to upwards of ten years, which is a good lifespan. Maximizing the life of your carpet means not having to worry about $1,500 or so of carpet installation costs for a long time.

Check on the Tenants

It is ideal when you can check up on your tenants every once in a while to see how well they are taking care of your property. If you do not want to just waltz right up and knock the door, you can make it easier by coming over to look at the rental before you schedule the carpet cleaning service. If you notice any problems, you can address them right then and there, but hopefully this will not be the case.

Cleaning the carpets on an annual basis is an effective way to satisfy your tenants and keep the flooring in rentable condition, which is just what you want as the landlord of the property.