3 Tips To Keep Your Solar Panels Running At A High Level

Did you recently install solar panels in your home? Or did you purchase a home that has solar panels installed? Solar panels can be an excellent tool for producing energy, reducing utility costs, and protecting the environment. However, much like the other major elements of your home, they require care and upkeep. While solar panels aren't necessarily high-maintenance, a little bit of regular attention can keep them running at an efficient level and help them last for decades. Below are a few tips on how to make your solar panels last and how to help them keep working at a very high level:

Keep them out of the shade. When the solar panels were installed, they were likely completely unobstructed from sunlight. Installation companies usually do a thorough analysis to make sure there is no shade blocking the panels. However, it's possible that the shade situation could change over time. The biggest threat is growing trees and branches that begin to hang over the panels.

The problem is that if one panel is partially obscured, the other panels will be forced to generate more power. That puts pressure on the panels and the underlying hardware, thus reducing their useful life. Trim back your trees and make sure there's no shade blocking the panels.

Monitor the panels' performance. Like many appliances and other home elements, many solar panel issues can be most easily resolved if they're caught early. You may have a panel that isn't working properly, or you could have wiring under the panels that are conducting energy in the right way. If you can catch that issue early, you can simply replace the individual wiring or panel rather than the entire system.

The best way to catch issues is to regularly monitor performance. Consider installing a dashboard that gives you a readout of energy output. Then journal that output to notice any trends. You can also invest in software that downloads the data straight to your computer and analyzes the output trend for you.

Keep them clean. Perhaps the biggest threat to solar panel performance is dirt and dust. The reason is clear. The more dirt and dust on the panels, the less sunlight that actually reaches the surface. The less sunlight there is on the surface, the less power that is generated. The best way to ensure maximum performance is to keep your panels clean.

You can clean your panels with a pool skimmer that has a soft brush and a non-abrasive cleaning agent. However, that will likely require you to climb on your roof, and it could be a dangerous job.

Instead, consider hiring a solar panel cleaning service, such as LA Solar Cleaners. They can come out regularly and safely clean your panels so they work at their most efficient level. For more information, contact a solar panel cleaning service in your area.