Coffee Stains Ruining Your Carpet? 3 Ways To Avoid More Stains After Carpet Cleaning

Coffee is a staple in America with many citizens relying on it to wake up in the morning. Brewing a pot of coffee is a common routine for those who have work in the morning and need to get there on time. But, it is also slightly problematic because it can so easily create stains on the carpet in your home. Inattentive handling of coffee will lead to stains that may need to be professionally cleaned. It is best to set yourself up so that you do not have to worry about more coffee stains after you get them removed.

Get a Reliable, Spill-Proof Travel Mug

When you are rushing out the door because you do not want to be late, you do not want a travel mug that is going to spill coffee as you are fumbling with your jacket, keys, and handbag. It is best to get a travel mug that you can feel confident enough in not to spill on your carpet, even if it were dropped.  This will eliminate any accidents that are work-related, and it will also help you avoid stains in your vehicle.

Keep the Coffee Cart in the Kitchen

If you like to have a dedicated space to make coffee in the morning, you may have a coffee cart. But, when this cart is located somewhere other than the kitchen, you could be putting your carpet at risk. It is too easy for coffee to spill over on the side of a coffee maker or for coffee grounds to fall onto the carpeting. All it takes is a bit of moisture and rubbing the grounds in unintentionally to end up with a new stain. The best solution is to make enough room in your kitchen for your coffee cart to stay there full-time.

Use Uniquely Shaped Mugs

Walking carefully is one way to stop yourself from spilling coffee on the ground. But, even this method has its flaws because walking with the same motion can actually increase the chance of spilling. A reliable way to fix this problem is to go shopping for unique coffee mugs that are not standard shapes or sizes. These designs will keep coffee from sloshing from one side to the other as it inches closer to the top.

Whether you are getting ready for work or making coffee on a weekend at home, you should incorporate some or all of these ideas to prevent yourself from needing carpet cleaning due to coffee stains alone.