Cleaning Tips For Retail Properties With Multiple Stores And Common Areas

Keeping a retail space clean is no easy feat, especially when you own a building with multiple stores that have common areas between them. Retail spaces have a steady flow of traffic most days, which means a lot of dirt and germs being tracked in. The good news is that all it takes is a little bit of preparation and a solid plan to keep your retail facility clean. Here are some tips to help you with your commercial cleaning practices.

Things To Do Daily

Retain a commercial cleaning services company to handle your daily cleaning tasks. For example, the common areas of the property should be kept clean at all times. This includes sweeping the walkways and cleaning up any litter and debris. The garbage cans should be emptied at least daily, but multiple times a day would be ideal.

Public restrooms should also be cleaned at least once each day. Make sure that everything is disinfected and cleaned thoroughly. When possible, the restrooms should be cleaned at mid-day and again after closing.

Outdoor areas need to be maintained carefully. Work with a cleaning crew that will keep your picnic areas clean. If you have display racks for maps and pamphlets, these should also be kept clean, dusted, and organized.

Have each retail space cleaned after closing. This should include vacuuming, dusting, and disinfection of all of the countertops and surface areas. Finally, the glass storefronts should be washed with a streak-free window cleaner.

Things To Do Quarterly

Talk with your commercial cleaning contractor about a quarterly cleaning plan as well. Choose a day when the stores are closed so that you can have the carpets all shampooed. Steam the tile and linoleum as well. This quarterly cleaning process should also include cleaning the overhead light fixtures.

In addition to cleaning the interiors, you should also consider pressure-washing the walkways, outdoor seating areas, and other common areas each month. That way, you avoid any accumulation of dirt and debris that can leave your property looking dirty. Keeping the common areas clean ensures that you have somewhere for customers to relax while they're shopping.

With these tips, you can create a solid cleaning plan that will help to keep your entire retail property looking its best. Remember that a multi-store property isn't just a reflection on the store owners, but you as the property owner, too. The more proactive you are about keeping the property clean, the better condition it will stay in over time.