Ward Off Vacuum Cleaner Breakdowns With These Care and Maintenance Tips

Vacuums always seem to break at the worse times -- like when you have a party in an hour or your mother is about to come over. While there is nothing you can do to prevent vacuum breakdowns completely, taking proper care of your vacuum cleaner will reduce the chances of a breakdown calamity. Follow these simple care and maintenance tips, and your vacuum will thank you.

Check the bag fullness before each use.

Running a vacuum with a full bag is not just ineffective, it's bad for the vacuum. When the bag is full but your vacuum is turned on and used anyway, the debris it collects can accumulate in the suction tubes, leading to clogs and overheating. Get into the habit of checking the bag before each use. If it is more than two-thirds full (or up to the fill-line if your bag has one), then switch it out for a new bag. Always keep a good supply of bags on hand so you're not tempted to use your vacuum with one that's too full.

Remove hair and string from the brush roller.

As your vacuum comes across long, thin items like long hairs or pieces of string, these items can sometimes become wound around the brush roller on the bottom of the vacuum. At first, they may not cause a lot of trouble -- but when enough of them accumulate, they might cause the brush roller to stop moving and become completely caught. After each use, flip your vacuum over and pull off any hairs, strings and other debris that has become caught in the vacuum brush. If it's really stuck, you can use scissors to cut it away.

Replace your vacuum's filters.

If your vacuum's filters become too clogged with debris, the vacuum will have to work a lot harder to push air through them. This causes extra wear and tear on the vacuum's motor and may ultimately cause it to fail prematurely. Locate your vacuum's filters; you may have to look in your owner's manual. Every few months, remove the filters and give them a good rinse in the sink to clean them. Let them dry, and then put them back into place. If a filter is beginning to break down or the dirt does not wash away easily, then it needs to be replaced.

By taking just a little time to care for your vacuum properly, you can reduce the likelihood of costly and inconvenient malfunctions. However, if your vacuum is acting up, consider taking it to a vacuum repair specialist, such as Everett Vacuum LLC.