How To Clean Your House Thoroughly

As you have gone through your house, have you realized that the time has come for a thorough cleaning? While this might not be the most fun way to spend your time, the end result will certainly be enjoyable and worth every minute of your time. From small jobs to carpet cleaning, here are some ideas that might help you to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Make It A Family Affair - You're not the only one who used your home, right? It's only right and fair that those who live in it should help to maintain it. So, start with a family meeting where you tell everybody your plan. Give them an exact date of when the cleaning will be done and ask everybody to cooperate with you by not scheduling any events on that particular day. Promise them that, when the job is done, they will be able to go on their merry way. But not until then.

  • Bring a chart to the meeting. List the chores that will need to be accomplished on it.
  • Have family members write their name next to the job they want to do.
  • For big jobs, like cleaning the floors, write everybody's name down.
  • Tell your family that working in teams is a good option.

Get Started Early - The day before the big cleaning event, remind everybody to get to bed early because there will be an early wakeup call. The earlier the job gets done, the earlier each family member will be able to do his or her own thing. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast shake so that breakfast will be fast and so that you'll all be energized.

  • Have teams working on cleaning windows. One person works on the outside with side-to-side motions while another person works on the inside with up-and-down motions. That way they'll be able to see which side needs extra attention before the chore is finished.
  • Get younger members of the family to help you with simple things like wiping the outside of kitchen cabinets.
  • Only adults should work with harsh cleaners that might have dangerous chemicals in them.
  • Are you even cleaning the garage? That is probably a job for every single member of the family.

Bring In The Professionals - Make an assessment of things that will need professional workers to do the job. For example, while you can thoroughly clean toilets and the kitchen sink, professional help will be needed if your carpets haven't had thorough cleaning in a long time.

  • Save the carpets for the very end. Get everybody, including pets, out of the house so the workers can do their job efficiently.
  • The carpet cleaners will have the experience and the right equipment to do a thorough job, deep cleaning in a way you can't do the chore yourself.
  • Cleaning products that will not hurt the environment will be used.
  • Don't worry about your carpets being damaged. The workers will know exactly which type of cleanser to use on the fabric of which your carpets are made. In addition, they will spot clean in an unobtrusive place to make sure the cleanser is the right one.

A great way to end the day is by treating the entire family to a special treat and to see a movie.

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