Why Wooden Spoons Are More Prone To E Coli (And Treatment Methods)

E coli is a dangerous food-borne bacteria that can cause a wide range of health problems. It is present in many foods and can be spread by utensils. Unfortunately, it turns out that your favorite wooden spoons and utensils are especially prone to infection! Why is that the case and what can you do to stop it? And can home cleaning services help?

Wooden Spoons Are More Porous

While wooden spoons and other wooden utensils add a unique style to your kitchen, they are more susceptible to bacterial infection than plastic or metal utensils. This is true of the dangerous e coli bacteria, but why is this the case?

Wood, unlike plastic and metal, is very porous. So when your wooden spoon is exposed to foods that may be infected with e coli (such as meat and vegetables), the bacteria finds it easier to hide inside. And you can't just put them in a dishwasher (which beats hand washing in killing bacteria) because this can crack the wood and make them even an even better home for e coli bacteria.

What You Can Do

The best way to keep e coli off of your wooden spoons is to carefully handle all food with gloves before cooking and to clean them properly. For example, you need to carefully wash your raw vegetables and clean them with a disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide before cooking (washing the substance off first, of course). While this won't kill all germs, it decreases your risk.

When cooking meat, you need to make sure that it is well-browned before serving and that its interior temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the thickest part of the meat. This is the temperature at which the e coli bacteria will die, making your wooden spoon safer from e coli.

How Can Home Cleaning Services Help?

A good home cleaning service can take a lot of this busy work out of your hands by carefully washing your utensils, inspecting your counters, and performing deep cleaning procedures that help eliminate much of the e coli infection in your home.

Don't forget that e coli has been tested as surviving on surfaces for as long as four days: regularly personal cleaning combined with a high-quality home cleaning service can help keep e coli out of your home and out of your body.

So why not give your local cleaning service a call? They'll send somebody over to inspect the problem and come up with a solution that will keep your home much cleaner and relatively free of e coli.