Carpeting Ground Rules For Kid Visits

Whether you are a doting grandparent, auntie, or just have friends with kids, it is important that you enjoy kid visits while at the same time protecting your home. If you have just cleaned or replaced your carpeting, incorporate some ground rules for kids in your home. This will help to will alleviate stress as well as carpet damage. Here are four ground rules you can have in your home for kid visits when it comes to protecting your carpeting.

1. Designate a Kid Zone

If you are having lots of people over, don't set yourself up for a disaster by expecting kids to behave themselves. Kids make messes and might have spills, so try to set up an area of your home that can be just for them. You can set this area up with fun activities or child-friendly snacks, whether this is a rec room, garage or backyard. Pick a location that is safe for kids but far from your carpets.

2. Eating at the Kid's Table

There is nothing wrong with having a kid's table or area for dinnertime. If you are hosting a dinner party and kids will be present, set them up in a space that will be safe for your carpets and won't cause your stress levels to rise if spills happen. This can be in the nook of your kitchen, an entryway, or other area that has laminate or hardwood flooring instead.

3. No Shoes, Please

A great way to keep all guests from tracking in mud from the outside is to have a 'no shoes' policy. This goes for children especially who might not remember to wipe their feet on welcome mats as diligently as grownups. Kids might be apt to be in and out of your house to play outside or to explore your yard. Be sure that in and out privileges come with a price - shoes!

4. Don't Be Shy About Accidents

Kids will be kids and accidents will happen. You don't want to come off the wrong way with house rules for kids. If they are worried you will be upset, they might hide messes from you. Be sure that kids visiting you know that they should come to you right away if there are any spills or accidents. This way you can deal with clean up right away.

While you might feel bossy about laying out rules, kids like to know where they stand and what to expect in new situations. If you can be upbeat and proactive with your ground rules in the home, you can relax and everyone can have a good time. If you will be having a party or kids over for a sleepover, there is no need to have carpet cleaned before. Wait until after their visit so that you can have a fresh, grownup start after your guests have gone home. Contact a local cleaning company, like 5 Star Carpet Cleaning or a similar location, for more tips and ideas.