3 Worst Carpet Stains

Anyone who's ever owned a home with carpet can tell you that stains are a nightmare. Parents can attest that carpet is essentially a magnet for spilled drinks and food, soaking up all the juices and tarnishing the look of your home. Arming yourself with a bit of knowledge on a few of the most difficult stains and a few tricks on how to remove them (if that's possible) will go a long way in ensuring the life of your carpet.


Red is a color of dread for homeowners with carpet. There are so many red things that can discolor carpet, and blood is among the worst, especially because it can be so common, especially with children. It is thick and if left untreated for a while, can be almost impossible to remove.

If an accident happens and blood gets on the carpet, be sure to begin cleaning immediately with cold water. Warm water can simply thin and spread the blood around, exacerbating an already tough stain. Hydrogen peroxide is also an option, however be sure to test a bit of peroxide on the carpet to prevent accidentally dying the carpet.

Red Wine

Probably the most obvious culprit, red wine and grape juices are difficult to remove. Once again, the quicker a stain is addressed, the easier it is to remove. With these types of stains, it's important to blot the area with water and a cloth. Do not scrub the area, as this will just spread the wine around. If there is still a bit of a discoloration or stain after a quick cleanup with blotting and water, a carpet cleaning solution should remove it easily. There are numerous types on the market, so investigate and make an education decision.

Candle Wax

Perhaps a less common stain, candle wax is extremely difficult to remove, especially once hardened. The oils in the wax adhere to the carpet, making a complete cleanup by traditional methods nearly impossible. Instead, the best idea is to place a smooth, used rag (similar to one used to polish furniture) over the wax and place a hot iron over the cloth. The heat will allow the oils to stick to the rag, making the carpet smooth and able to be tackled with a carpet cleaner.

Carpet can be a great investment in a house, especially in areas where the winters tend to be pretty chilly. Prepare to take on all the stains and issues involved with having a carpeted home, especially with children, by researching and eventually, through trial and error. For more information, contact Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc. or a similar company.