Tips That Will Help Keep Your Office Clean On A Rainy Day

If your small company's office was recently cleaned by a professional company, keep flooring, furniture, and equipment maintained and damage-free on rainy days by using the following tips. As a result, you will be able to remain productive without worrying about messes interrupting your workflow.

Shoe Brushes And Rubber Floor Mats

Place a couple soft-bristled brushes in a bucket near your office's entryway to use to remove mud and dirt from the soles of your shoes or clients' shoes before entering your business when it is raining. Line the entryway and path to your desk with rubber floor mats. Instruct everyone to walk upon these mats so that dirt does not become embedded in the carpeting or other type of flooring that is in your office. Once your workday is over, take the mats outdoors and rinse them off with a water hose so that they are clean and ready for use on another day.

Rolling Coat Rack And Garment Bags

On days that the weather is especially nasty, set up a rolling coat rack near the front door to your office that has garment bags and hangers secured to it. When you or clients enter the building where your office is located, they can hang their coats or jackets on a hanger and secure it inside of a waterproof bag. As a result, wet clothing will not drip onto office equipment or furniture and cause staining or permanent damage.

If you use a coat rack that easily folds up, you can store it inside of a closet once bad weather is no longer an issue so that it doesn't take up space that is needed to complete your job duties.

Document Satchel

Wet paperwork can saturate your desk's surface and ink may rub off onto time-sensitive materials. Purchase a waterproof satchel that is large enough to hold work-related materials. Keep it in the trunk of your vehicle. On days where it is predicted to be rainy or windy, secure documents inside of the satchel before leaving to go to your office. As a result, important papers will remain damage-free and you will not need to spend time scrubbing your desk's surface to remove stains that wet paperwork caused.

These simple tactics will preserve your office's appearance and will help you remain organized until it is time for your next professional cleaning appointment. Weather-related damage to your property will not become an issue if you follow these procedures, as well. For more information on how to keep your work space clean, contact a company like Miracle Maids Inc.