Sneezing In The Office? Here Are Some Sneaky Places Where The Dust Might Be Hiding

Have you and your employees been sneezing a lot at work lately? Chances are, there's some sneaky dust hiding out somewhere in the office, and once you find it and clean it up, your symptoms will clear. Here's a look at five sneaky places the dust and mold spores love to hide.

Above the hung ceiling.

When was the last time anyone cleaned above the hung ceiling? Probably never! Once dust builds to a certain degree above the ceiling, all it takes is some vibrations in the building, like from thunder rolling or a truck driving by, to cause some of it to come raining down. Cleaning above a hung ceiling is a big project, so you may want to have your cleaning crew tackle it over the weekend when nobody will be around.

In the air ducts.

If your ducts are dirty, every time the heat or air conditioning turns on, you're getting pelted in the face with dust and mold spores. Give your HVAC company a call, and have them come take a look at your ductwork. They can tell you if it needs cleaning and provide this service if necessary.

Behind your furniture.

In most offices, the big pieces of furniture rarely get moved, so dust tends to build up behind them. A slight breeze or air from the heating system can blow that dust back out into the open. Moving all of the furniture is another big cleaning project, so be nice to your cleaning staff when making this request! If your office is large, they might want to tackle one room at a time. If your regular cleaning crew thinks they might struggle to move the larger pieces of furniture, you may need to hire some heavy-lifting temp workers to help you with this task.

In stacks of old files.

You know those stacks of papers that have been sitting in the corner for five years? They're definitely collecting dust. Have your cleaners carefully vacuum the tops and edges of the stacks while holding them securely down. Consider placing the files you need to save in plastic storage totes, and get rid of any you don't need so they don't just stay there collecting more dust.

In the window treatments.

You probably don't clean the window treatments in your office very often. Whether you have blinds, curtains, shades, or some other type of treatment, make sure your cleaning team gets them clean in the coming weeks. You'll likely find yourself sneezing a lot less.

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