Tips That Will Make Cleaning Your Bathroom A Breeze

Cleaning your bathroom might be one of the tasks that you dread most, but if you follow some tips you may find that the length of time that it takes you to complete this project is shortened and not quite as daunting as it used to be. 

Use A Bin To Transport Items

Personal items can regularly be misplaced around your home and the bathroom is no exception. As you are tidying up, place items that belong in other parts of the house inside of a small bin that has a handle. Quickly place the items in their proper locations without having to worry about dropping items out of your arms or needing to make multiple trips back to the bathroom to retrieve more items. If you locate items that belong to other members in your family, leave the bin in a designated area and have them sort through them in their spare time.

Wipe Away Dust And Cobwebs

If dust and cobwebs are covering the corners of the bathroom's walls, use a nylon stocking to wipe them away. Nylon is a material that attracts fine particles and will efficiently clean the walls with a few swipes. Attach a stocking over the end of a sponge mop or broom. Place the cleaning tool at the top of each wall and slide it downwards. Once the walls are clean, remove the nylon stocking from the mop or broom and dispose of it.

Label Storage Containers

If you designate an area for items in your bathroom, cleaning won't take long to complete in the future. Purchase plastic bins to place linens and dirty laundry in. Affix self adhesive labels to the side of each one so that they are clearly marked. Use smaller containers to place toiletries, hair accessories, and cosmetics. After you and your family get used to the new setup, keeping the bathroom organized will no longer need an issue.

Keep A Steady Supply Of Cleaning Materials

Place commonly used cleaning materials underneath the bathroom sink. Do not wait until you run out of a particular item before you decide to purchase a new one. Instead, purchase the items when they are on sale or whenever you are reminded about them. When it comes time to clean the bathroom, you will have everything that you need at your fingertips and can quickly wipe down surfaces within the room.

All of these tips will shorten the amount of time that it takes for you to clean your bathroom and will help organize the items that you keep inside of it. 

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